Delaware Wildlife and Animal Removal

How to Use One-Way Exclusion Funnels to Remove Bats

One way exclusion funnel method is the most effective and conventionally used method for expelling the Delaware bats out of your attic or any other part of home where they have got entry and settled down. This method is very effective in the way that it helps you expelling the bats out without trapping them. It is based on the principle that you can get rid of the bats without trapping them. In this method a way is provided to the Delaware bats which lead to the exterior and in this way the bats can be made to move out of the premises of your house.

How to use this method
In order to use the one way exclusion funnel method, it is important to carry out an inspection of the place and locate the Delaware bats. After that you must seal all the entry and exit point of the bats from where there is any possibility that they can gain an entry. In this regard, the holes and openings should be filled by using the right materials.

In the next step, it is important to identify the species of bats by observing their pattern of flying and timing when they come out in the day. Examining the poop of Delaware bats is also another way of identifying their type. These observations can be made either in the attic or at the holes where they gain entry. It is also important to confirm that the time when you are applying this method is not the mating or breeding time of bats. This is important because in case of the presence of young ones, it is not right to block the entry holes.

After carrying out all this research, now is the time to set the proper exclusion device. The exclusion device is set on the gaps and holes where the Delaware bats exit normally. The general principle for setting the exclusion device is that it should set in such a way that the bats can exit the building in an utmost natural way. Naturally the bats exit by crawling through and then fly away so the device should also be having the same pattern. Another important step is the correct configuration of the device. It should be manipulated and configured in such a way that the Delaware bats coming out of it can never enter again. This is the most tricky and most important step while setting the exclusion device. Therefore it must be done with great care.

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