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How do You Know if You Have a Groundhog Under Your Shed or Porch?

Groundhogs are rodents widely known as Delaware woodchucks or whistle pigs. They are herbivores and mainly feast on fields, lawn, lush green areas and forests. They can dig large burrows that are complex and partitioned for different purposes. They are fast reproductive animals that can give birth to 4-6 young at a time. There are always ways to determine if you have a groundhog under your porch or shed. They have a specific pattern about which they live.

They have tendency to dig wherever they live. So that must be your first clue to its presence. They can prove to be a dangerous lot as they can carry and travel a lot of dirt from one place to another. This is the reason if they start digging near man-made Delaware buildings they can weaken their foundations in no matter of time. They are very sensitive to dirt and are obsessed with it. If they can find a place to build a burrow under your porch or shed they can cause serious damage in the terms of property and might even cause cracking of a concrete floor.

Even though they pose a large threat to the property and structural assets one more major risk is that they might destroy the agricultural grounds. Their appetite needs can damage a vast variety of crops. But there is good news that this can cause a lesser intimidation for the property owners. But this does not mean that the sheds or porches are safe from the advances of a Delaware groundhog. In fact sheds and porches are one of the most preferable places for groundhogs to build a burrow. They are attracted to it due to some particular reasons. Shed/Porch works as a roof that also helps keep the burrow dry and safe. They are also a safe niche for burrows as they invite very less predators due to the presence of buildings. Secondly there is the added benefit of presence of humans. There is an easy availability of food all the time along with the shelter.

It is always better to take precautions and ensure removal of any Delaware groundhogs under your shed or porch. They might cause serious trouble to the house or step floorings, loosening their foundations and cracking them up completely. First of all eliminate all the symptoms that can lure a groundhog to your abode like having your grounds, porch or shed grounds checked regularly to see if any abnormal activity occurs. If you find one, take steps to remedy it as soon as possible because you might not know how much damage has been caused. There are many techniques and ways to get rid of it once you find that your shed or porch is hogged by a Delaware groundhog.

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