Should I Feed a Baby Opossum I Found?

Baby Delaware opossums are sometimes found anywhere in our areas. These poor little creatures are usually left abandoned by their moms. Maybe they are left because their mom was lost or killed, and some moms just want to leave their babies. Whatever the reason are, this creatures are hard to resist, especially they are too cute and lovely. If we found a baby Delaware opossum and decided to keep it, the first thing that we think about is, “should I feed it?”

• Yes you should! The baby would die if you won't feed it, unless you want it to die. In order for it to survive, feeding is required and should be fed regularly. If you think you cannot feed them, then don't adopt a baby opossum. Surrender it on Animal shelters or Wild Rehabilitation Centers.
• Feed it first with water, because it needs hydration.
• Determine the age of the baby opossum. Baby Delaware opossums have different feeding styles and foods depending on their age.
• Be sure to give right dosages/amount of food or liquids as a feeding.
• To be sure, go to a licensed veterinarian for right advice for the right dosages/amounts, proper diet, and health condition of the baby Delaware opossum.
• Proper food sanitation is also needed. Make sure its food plates and water is always clean and free from unnecessary dirt.
• Don't forget to feed them at the right time, so that they will not touch your foods in the table.
• Feed it with love and wholeheartedly. Babies need not only food feeding, but love feeding also.

The pinkie babies are the ones that are hard to feed because they are very fragile. You will need to hand feed it with milk and use syringe or baby drops. It will be a complicated process and needs a very careful handling while you manually feed it. It would be best if a Delaware veterinarian or an expert will handle that kind of baby opossums. If you have the pinkie one's, It would be better if you will surrender it to wildlife rehabs for better assistance. You can adopt I in a few months again.

A 3weeks old onwards baby Delaware opossums would be easier to feed, because they can now it any kind of foods since they are omnivores. Just make sure only healthy and nutritional foods are given to them. If you want to raise a healthy opossum please make sure to feed it well and properly. It always depends to you who feed's it. Happy pet keeping!

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