Will a Strobing Light or High Pitch Sound Deterrent Machine Work on Rats?

We live in a high tech world, with high tech solutions. We don't open the garage door on our own any more, we push a button and it opens. We wait till we get home to turn on our dish washer; we call in and automatically turn it on through our phone. We don't turn on our Security System and hope that our property is safe, we call our home and turn on a camera so we can see exactly was happening in the home while we're out. This has just become the world that we live in.

Nowadays we find that high tech ideas are being used to try to solve even more annoying kinds of problems. These include such things as trying to get rats to leave our homes. No one is excited about having a Delaware rat or rats in their home, so they want to do whatever it takes to scare off these critters from remaining. This makes perfect sense.

Many believe that the days of mousetraps and poison pellets are over. They want a permanent solution that incorporates the high tech ideas so that they can be used to solve a problem that has existed for thousands of years. They want a solution to scare off these Delaware rats. The two most common ways that have incorporated the high tech world with the low tech idea of getting rid of rats are the use of strobe lights or high pitch sound deterrents. These sound like great ideas. This science would make you think that they are perfect solution; however, they simply aren't all they're cracked up to be.

Let's first examine the idea of the strobe light. Rats for the most part are nocturnal Delaware animals. This means they want to hunted night time when there is really nothing around. Most people are asleep, so they can move about without issue. The strobe light is both to act as a way of both adding like to them, and startling them with the flashes of light on and off. It sounds like a great idea, but you should be aware that the rats will simply get used to light. If all it does is flash it them they will soon realize it has nothing to fear. The high pitch sound sounds like a great idea, but it doesn't work either. This normally works through a sound wave irritating the rats hearing, but the truth is unless the Delaware rat is directly near the machine it is not going to have much of an effect. It sounds like a great idea that just doesn't work.

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