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Information About Skunks

Skunks are the omnivorous Delaware animals which are generally black and white or brownish in color. Skunks are widely famous for the bad smell they spread. Skunks can spray a liquid around which contains a strong smell which nobody will like. Delaware skunks are widely covered in animation movies and cartoon series due to their uniqueness and extra unique smell. This small sized animal looks attractive because of their black and white fur which looks like a pony tell stacked on their back.

Skunks size from 50 to around 100 cm. They tend to walk on their four feet. They can weigh ranging from half a kg to around 8 kg. Skunks are having two white lines one fur and black toned small fur below the back fur. Most skunk's types are having white lines on their back fur. Delaware skunks are having a long face commonly observed in marsupial family animals. Their tell looks like a scattered brush and more like a tail of a fox full of straight and shining hairs. Which dramatically looks like blonde hairstyle.

Skunks are omnivorous as most of the marsupial species they can eat parts of plants, fruits, seeds, fishes, insect and meat too. Having a variety of diet they can survive in multiple types of terrains. Skunks are one of the rare predators of the honey bees. Delaware skunks can be seen mostly in European and some of the far eastern Asian parts of the world. Some people use to keep them as pets. In UK it is legal to keep the skunks as pets. Skunks also tend to eat food with animal protein including eggs, snakes, frogs and lizards. Skunk in colder season of the year went for partial hibernation which is also known as denning. Skunks are having scent glands near their anal part on both sides of anal organ. These glans are used when the Delaware skunks are afraid as a weapon for protection. The glands used to throw out a liquid which contains mixture of sulfur compounds. As most of the sulfur compounds cause for unwanted smell. This smell may be not welcomed by most but it acts as a life savior weapon for the Delaware skunks.

Skunks can attack with their smelly special glands five-six times in a row and it takes around 10 days to recharge these special weapons. The capacity of holding this liquid is around 15cc. When the Delaware skunk attack back to the predator with their special glands due to their shining look they are remembered by the predator. This is what keeps the predators away from the skunk for a long time. Skunks often tend to attack with this liquid while they feel any danger in human company. Skunks like the most marsupial species have a strong smelling power. But skunks can barely see at a distance of around 3-4 meters clearly. This vision weakness makes them keep spraying the smell for unknown objects around. The male skunks meet more than one female during the season of mating. After mating the female Delaware skunks tend to go for den around 60+ days. The new born skits (baby skunks) are blind and deaf at the start of their life and the eyes open after two-three weeks.

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