What are a Skunks Mating Habits?

It is important to know more about the reproduction and lifestyle of Delaware skunks. You need to know that the skunks:
• Are polygamous in nature
• The male does not take part in the upbringing
• One pregnancy can product six to seven Delaware skunks

Once you learn these details, you have the opportunity of understanding more about the skunks, and their reproduction cycle. Just like any other wild Delaware animals, the skunks stay in the wild and this is their natural habitat. The young ones are born in this environment, leading them to adapt to this lifecycle easily. Once they reach the maturity age, the baby skunks will start looking for food and move out from the nest of the mother Delaware skunk, and the cycle repeats itself. The skunks live close to each other for breeding, security, and hunting for food. If you find one skunk, you are sure to find others close nearby since this is their style of living.

The male are polygamous
The male are polygamous and they shall have sexual relations with different female skunks for the sole purpose of reproduction. This happens all the time until the female Delaware skunk falls pregnant, and proceeds to find a good place to give birth and raise her brood. This is a continuous cycle until the baby skunks reach maturity age where they can fend for themselves and mate.

A baby Delaware skunk
When the baby skunk is born, it does not see, or hear, until it is a few weeks old. It is covered with a soft layer, which protects it. Soon after this, it shall start to see and hear and adapt to the other sense slowly. It is the duty of the mother to keep the young ones safe, until they are ready to hunt and mate.

The mother raises the young ones
It is the duty of the mother Delaware skunk to raise the young ones. Usually they are born between six to seven baby skunks per pregnancy. The mother looks for a comfortable place to keep the baby skunks safe and suitable place for weaning. The male Delaware skunks do not do anything to raise the kids. It is the sole duty of the mother skunk to take all responsibility from weaning, finding a place to stay and providing for the kid. In case there is any danger, the mother skunk uses the spray to eliminate any threats and shall even turn violent in order to keep her brood safe and away from external threats.

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